Establishing and maintaining solid relationships with valuable clients has always been our first priority. Here’s a look at just some of the things our clients have to say about us at DreamRefurbs.

“The all-in-concept of the realtor is very convenient. We had to do a modernisation of the holiday home we bought, and we paid a one-time fee for overseeing the works. That would have been very hard to do ourselves, not living in Italy and not speaking the language. That fee stretched a long way, from overseeing the works, dealing with the builders, purchases and the communication between us and workmen, choosing tiles and paint colours, being present for every delivery being made and so on. The work was quoted beforehand and was carried out professionally, within budget and in the estimated time. And still when we have something to deal with now, Madeleine has her handymen ready to sort it out. She has gathered a group of trustworthy professionals around her, from which her clients can benefit.

John and Sandra Hobson

“In May 2018 we purchased our apartment on Lake Iseo with the invaluable assistance of Madeleine of Dreamhomes. We wanted to make some internal adjustments to make the apartment better suit our requirements. The adjustments involved:

– extending one bedroom into a hallway and getting custom made furniture installed to also act as a divider within the room
– extending one bathroom and shortening another bathroom (by moving a separating wall). This also involved the installation of new bathroom furniture/equipment and revised plumbing and electrical works.
– adding decking to a roof terrace.

The project was managed by Madeleine including:

– Introducing us to an architect, Sara, who provided several drawings to help us choose our preferred layout.
– assistance with the selection of furniture and equipment
– recommending and managing the tradesmen who carried out the alterations

All this took place while we were back home in Scotland, with regular updates including photo’s at all stages, so when we returned to Italy in Late June the project was completed. I don’t think we would have made the adjustments without Madeleine advising on trusted professionals and tradesmen to complete the project and also managing the project in our absence.  We were very happy with the results and a couple of small issues since have been rectified very quickly.”

Glen and Jacky Murray

Madeleine, Sarah and Pierangelo supported our need to refurbish an apartment that lacked proper living provisions and finishes. As an architect living and working in Hong Kong, the ideas of what to do were clear however the implementation was the challenge. The team Madeleine provided advised and supported on statutory authority compliance, material and product sourcing and finally building. The refurbishment was well done and we were able to move in with little disruption to our plans. Our idea was to retain the simplicity of the historical building and add well-considered and well-made additions that would suit our family’s preferences. Italian craftsmanship is well known however the challenge was to find good value craftsmanship without spending a fortune on what is a holiday apartment. Again Madeleine’s team understood what we wanted to achieve and found those craftsmen. The end result is an apartment we love to be in as a family. Thanks to Madeleine, Sarah and Pierangelo.

Clive and Gina

“A Gamble with Big Rewards”

In 2018, we were lucky enough to take a big risk buying a house in the most wonderful of places- Lago di Iseo. We rolled the dice, so to speak when we chose a property that required a full renovation. Despite feeling somewhat nervous, we moved forward after seeing the magnificent numerous homes that Pier, Madeleine, and Sara already completed around the lake.  From the beginning, the team was very professional and exceptionally organized in the project presentation.

What unfolded next fully exceeded my expectations.  Careful planning and meticulous execution of the proposal occurred at all stages, but even more important was the consistent communication along the way and the team’s concern about the quality of the work and the ultimate furnishings.

The end result was a home more stunning than we ever imagined.  We are so eternally grateful to the team. So much so that we plan to work on another exciting new project with them

Nicole and Ron

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