From New York to Lake Iseo

Project Description

Predore– Lake Iseo – Ron and Nicole – ‘From New York to Lake Iseo’

Project Manager:- Geom. Pierangelo Crespi

Architect:- Sara Ugazio

Team Co-ordinator:- Madeleine Morgan

Description of Works:- 

This very dear client came initially on her own to find a three-bedroom home with all the local comforts accessible on foot, a good geographical position, to be part of a community and a great view. The home was for them as a family to be their eventual retirement location. They have a big family and lots of friends so they needed lots of space. We found a three-storey house in the lakeside town of Predore on Lake Iseo,  that needed a complete renovation internally to bring it up to their expected standards. There had to be at least two and a half bathrooms and three bedrooms and have plenty of storage. So with those instructions, we got to work. We also had a budget to respect which included the purchase, the renovation and the furniture.

The man of the house is an avid bicycle lover and the lady of the house loves her wine. So we decided seeing as the property had a cantina to turn it into something very special that they both could use. We converted the basement area into a wine cellar with an entertainment room and a small kitchen, and bicycle storage and work area for him. Completely separate from each other with a direct exit onto the road. The upstairs area we opened up completely and raised the ceiling to create a homely, modern,  bright and airy solution. We created extra storage underneath the stairs and created built-in storage and cupboards for the washing machine and cleaning materials. This is the result.


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What they say...

“A Gamble with Big Rewards”

In 2018, we were lucky enough to take a big risk buying a house in the most wonderful of places- Lago di Iseo. We rolled the dice, so to speak when we chose a property that required a full renovation. Despite feeling somewhat nervous, we moved forward after seeing the magnificent numerous homes that Pier, Madeleine, and Sara already completed around the lake.  From the beginning, the team was very professional and exceptionally organized in the project presentation.

What unfolded next fully exceeded my expectations.  Careful planning and meticulous execution of the proposal occurred at all stages, but even more important was the consistent communication along the way and the team’s concern about the quality of the work and the ultimate furnishings.

The end result was a home more stunning than we ever imagined.  We are so eternally grateful to the team. So much so that we plan to work on another exciting new project with them

Nicole and Ron