Bicycle Heaven

Project Description

Sulzano – Lake Iseo – Glen and Jacky Murray – ‘Bicycle Heaven’

Project Manager:- Geom. Pierangelo Crespi

Architect:- Sara Ugazio

Team Co-ordinator:- Madeleine Morgan

Description of Works:- Glen and Jacky Murray from Glasgow, Scotland, fell in love with their lakeside home immediately, Glen being a fervid bike lover and a fan of Marco Pantani and Jacky loving the scenery and everything the area had to offer. They quickly made an offer which was accepted and we moved quickly to examine the refurb side of their wish list. The sales operation had to be kept on hold due to a misdemeanour found on the paperwork. That’s when our team came to the rescue. The windows to the east side were not present on the original plans so we had to backtrack to historic records and satellite photos to arrive at a quick problem and agree an amnesty procedure with the council and the region. This took a considerable time to deal with and Glen and Jacky were not hopeful. Luckily we brought our ‘A game’ to the board and everything was concluded successfully.

The works that Glen and Jacky wished to have done, were to reduce the size of the master bathroom in order to make room for a further bathroom in the girls room and create a more modern look. They also wanted to create a dual but separate sleeping space for their girls in the bedroom, which was a challenge with the space that was there and the slanting attic roof. A further request was for a wood platform to be inserted in the roof terrace to raise the surface in order to enjoy a morning coffee with lake views.

A budget from the clients was set and the challenge began.

Local artisans were sought for the fitted furniture and Pier and Sara got to work on creating the space. The results were very satisfactory and the clients were happy with the outcome.


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What they say...

“In May 2018 we purchased our apartment on Lake Iseo with the invaluable assistance of Madeleine of Dreamhomes. We wanted to make some internal adjustments to make the apartment better suit our requirements. The adjustments involved:

– extending one bedroom into a hallway and getting custom made furniture installed to also act as a divider within the room
– extending one bathroom and shortening another bathroom (by moving a separating wall). This also involved the installation of new bathroom furniture/equipment and revised plumbing and electrical works.
– adding decking to a roof terrace.

The project was managed by Madeleine including:

– Introducing us to an architect, Sara, who provided several drawings to help us choose our preferred layout.
– assistance with the selection of furniture and equipment
– recommending and managing the tradesmen who carried out the alterations

All this took place while we were back home in Scotland, with regular updates including photo’s at all stages, so when we returned to Italy in Late June the project was completed. I don’t think we would have made the adjustments without Madeleine advising on trusted professionals and tradesmen to complete the project and also managing the project in our absence.  We were very happy with the results and a couple of small issues since have been rectified very quickly.”

Glen and Jacky Murray