Renovation Opportunities

The success of renovating a house ultimately comes down to good preparation and being aware of what lies ahead. Here we present a selection of properties available on our sister website

Each one of these properties situated in the Lake Iseo area is a qualified renovation property, some need a substantial intervention and others a light intervention.

In any case, our team are on hand to assist our clients through the whole process.

We will go through the cost of the renovation with you with attention to detail of the work and role of all the professionals involved, the council and the cost of the tradesmen and materials:-

All possible constraints

Static suitability of the property and an assessment of the seismic risks

We will investigate if the property comes under the Superintendence of Fine Arts and the conservation of the building.

What they say...

Madeleine, Sarah and Pierangelo supported our need to refurbish an apartment that lacked proper living provisions and finishes. As an architect living and working in Hong Kong, the ideas of what to do were clear however the implementation was the challenge. The team Madeleine provided advised and supported on statutory authority compliance, material and product sourcing and finally building. The refurbishment was well done and we were able to move in with little disruption to our plans. Our idea was to retain the simplicity of the historical building and add well-considered and well-made additions that would suit our family’s preferences. Italian craftsmanship is well known however the challenge was to find good value craftsmanship without spending a fortune on what is a holiday apartment. Again Madeleine’s team understood what we wanted to achieve and found those craftsmen. The end result is an apartment we love to be in as a family. Thanks to Madeleine, Sarah and Pierangelo.

Clive and Gina

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