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Dreamrefurbs are a reliable one-stop-shop for all our customer’s property renovation service needs.

WHAT’S MORE – Our experienced and dedicated staff will handle and organize all the administrative side such as

  • Working Drawings
  • Engineers drawings
  • Council approvals
  • Certificates & registrations

There’s no need for the customer to spend any time completing applications and chasing approvals – we’ll take care of everything for you. There’s a lot of background work that goes into bringing your plans to life, and we will be working very hard behind the scenes for you to make sure it all happens smoothly.

Meet the Dream Team

Madeleine Morgan

Madeleine Morgan an English national has lived in Italy since May 1991 and established herself…

Meet Madeleine

Architect Sara Ugazio

SARA UGAZIO – Co-founder of Studio Zenith, Bespoke Architects, Varese, Italy Sara’s career began in…

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Doriana Masala

Interior Designer and Home Stager The passion for real estate – both in the rental,…

Meet Doriana

Geom. Pierangelo Crespi 

Pierangelo Crespi ( class of 1956) graduated as a quantum surveyor at the Carlo Dell’Acqua…

Meet Geom.

Francesco Zenoni

Team Trouble Shooter With a career in sales in multi-sectors Francesco Zenoni is a valued…

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Dario Todeschini – Team Artist

Dario Todeschini an artistic soul.  Dario’s experience is in the fashion and interior design industry.…

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Specialized Artistic Services

An antique technique that will render your home unique!

Our mosaics are created by trained artists under the strict supervision of architects who design the compositions with colours and images based on the recommendations and requests of our customers. We only use first-class materials and provide high-quality work.


An absolute innovative technique that allows you to bring to life any image of any dimension of your choice on almost any surface, preferably a smooth surface interior or exterior, could be on a wall, a ceiling, a floor, a wardrobe, office furniture, panel divider or a piece of furniture. This is not a print but a transfer of the image that you desire. You may wish to have your favourite actor, musician, group, work of art, sculpture, or even a family photo. We bring your fantasy to life!

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What they say...

“The all-in-concept of the realtor is very convenient. We had to do a modernisation of the holiday home we bought, and we paid a one-time fee for overseeing the works. That would have been very hard to do ourselves, not living in Italy and not speaking the language. That fee stretched a long way, from overseeing the works, dealing with the builders, purchases and the communication between us and workmen, choosing tiles and paint colours, being present for every delivery being made and so on. The work was quoted beforehand and was carried out professionally, within budget and in the estimated time. And still when we have something to deal with now, Madeleine has her handymen ready to sort it out. She has gathered a group of trustworthy professionals around her, from which her clients can benefit.

John and Sandra Hobson